Content warning

This report contains material that is sometimes confronting and disturbing. Sometimes words or images can cause sadness and distress, or bring back memories for people affected by child sexual abuse which are very hard to deal with.

If you need help to cope with the feelings that you are experiencing, support is available. See a full list of support services or call 1800 099 340. Alternatively, you may wish to call Lifeline on 13 11 14 anytime for confidential telephone crisis support.


It is a crime to sexually abuse a child. If you have been a victim of abuse or are concerned about a child being abused you can report your concerns to the police. Support services can also help you do this.

Share your story

If you were sexually abused as a child while in the care of an institution in Australia, you can share your story with the Royal Commission.

The abuse may have happened in any private, public or non-government institution including a school, church, sports club, childcare centre or in foster care.

Your story is important. Sharing your experiences will help us understand what happened to children in the past, and help build child safe organisations in the future.

There are three ways to contact us to share your story:

We will then contact you to work out the best way for you to share your story.

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