Guide to preparing to share your story with the Royal Commission

This is a guide to help you gather information when preparing to share your story with the Royal Commission. There's no need to answer all the questions below as only some of the questions will be relevant to you.

The below questions are also available in the Practice Guideline 3 PDF (226kB).

Guide questions for providing a statement or information to the Royal Commission

  1. This Practice Guideline is addressed to those who wish to provide information to the Royal Commission.
  2. You may not know all the answers to these questions. If you don’t know the answer, it would be helpful to put in your statement or tell us that you don’t know.

    Guide questions

    Details of the person providing the information

  3. Name (unless you wish to remain anonymous).
  4. Contact details (unless you do not wish to give any contact details).
  5. You may be giving information on behalf of or about someone else. If so, your relationship to the person whose experiences you are describing.

    Details about what happened

  6. The name of the institution(s) where you were abused.
  7. Over what period of time did the abuse occur?
  8. Where, including in which city or town and which State, did the abuse occur?
  9. A summary of what happened.
  10. The names of anyone else who saw what happened (if known).

    What happened afterwards

  11. Did you tell anyone, if so who and when?
  12. If you told a person from the institution:
    1. what did you tell them?
    2. who did you tell (name and position of that person, if known)?
    3. when did you tell them?
    4. whether you said it or put it in writing. If in writing, did you keep a copy and if so, do you still have a copy of it?
  13. What was the initial response from the institution to having been told?
  14. What did the institution do about it, if known?
  15. If there was an investigation of the abuse by the institution, how was it conducted, if known?
  16. What meetings or other dealings did you have with the institution during its investigation?
  17. Did you feel encouraged or discouraged from reporting the abuse?
  18. If you did not report for some time, were there reasons for not doing so? If so, what were those reasons?
  19. After reporting, were you supported by the institution and if so, how?
  20. Did you receive counselling or psychological help? If so, who provided it?
  21. Did you receive an apology or an acknowledgment of the abuse you had suffered?
  22. Did the institution accept responsibility for what happened?
  23. Were there any conditions attached to accepting any help from the institution?
  24. How adequate was the support that was offered to you?
  25. Were you encouraged or supported to report your abuse to the police?
  26. Did you do this and if so, to whom, where, when and what happened?
  27. If you did not report to the police, were there reasons for not doing so? If so, what were those reasons?
  28. Were there criminal proceedings, and if so did you give evidence, and what was the outcome of those proceedings?
  29. What were the consequences for the accused person(s), if known?


  30. Have you sought compensation and if so, was that through the civil court or some other means?
  31. Were there any conditions attached to accepting that compensation, for example that it had to be kept confidential?
  32. Was an amount received, and if so, who paid it and how much was it?
  33. What is your view of the adequacy of any compensation, either offered or received?
  34. How long did it take to receive compensation?
  35. Were you satisfied with the process in dealing with the complaint and/or the compensation? If yes or no, please explain.


  36. What do you think should have been done differently?
  37. What do you think would have made a difference to you at the time?
  38. What helped you subsequently?
  39. What would help you in the future?


  40. What emotional/psychological support have you sought since the abuse?
  41. What support are you currently receiving?
  42. What further support would be of value to you?

    Other matters

  43. Have you given the account to another inquiry. If so, which inquiry, whether by written submission or evidence and was that in public or in private?
  44. Do you wish that account to be obtained and used as your account to the Royal Commission.
  45. Do you want your account to the Royal Commission to be kept private or made public.

    Reporting to police

  46. Do you want the Royal Commission to forward your complaint to the police?

    What do you hope will happen upon telling the Royal Commission of your experience

  47. Do you want to be listened to?
  48. Do you want the Police to investigate your complaint?
  49. Do you want the Royal Commission to understand what happened and to make recommendations to improve the system?
  50. Is there any other reason? If so, what is it?
Draft Issued: 28 March 2013