Providing feedback to the Royal Commission

The Royal Commission believes feedback is important. By hearing people’s experiences with the Royal Commission, either positive or negative, we can improve our services and gain insight into what we do well and what we can improve.


The Royal Commission likes to hear of your positive experiences to understand what we do well. Encouragement and support from the public is important to us and if you’ve had a positive experience or have a good news story you would like to share, we would like to hear from you. 


The Royal Commission uses complaints to assess and improve our performance and service.

We have a complaints handling process to ensure that complaints are resolved efficiently and effectively.

You can express your concerns by mail, email or by phone.

Your complaint may be about:

  • standard of services provided by the Royal Commission; or
  • diligence, competency, behaviour or attitude of a Royal Commission staff member.

We will investigate and try to resolve complaints quickly, fairly and confidentially.

Complaints about the Terms of Reference or government policies which are the responsibility of the Attorney-General or Minister are not investigated by the Royal Commission.

Comments about government policies or decisions should be directed to the relevant state, territory or federal minister.

If you have feedback about this website, please contact us at

How to provide a compliment or lodge a complaint

Please provide sufficient information about your identity so we can fully investigate your concerns. The Royal Commission will treat a complaint in a manner that both respects and protects the personal information contained in the complaint. If you have any concerns about the confidentiality of issues raised please tell us.

The Royal Commission is dealing with a large amount of information from many people and will endeavour to respond to you either in writing or by phone within 30 days of receiving your complaint.