Exhibits for Case Study 52, March 2017, Sydney

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Exhibit Number Hearing Day Tendered By Witness Names Date Tendered Attachments
52-0003 Day 260 Gail Furness SC Various 17-Mar-17 83 show

Not the Way of Christ: Report of the Independent Pastoral Inquiry into Sexual Misconduct by Clergy or Officers of the Anglican Diocese of Tasmania with Particular Reference to Paedophilia

ID: ANG.0038.003.0009
Date: 01-Mar-98

Report of the Board of Inquiry Into Past Handling of Complaints Of Sexual Abuse In the Anglican Church Diocese Of Brisbane

ID: ANG.0044.001.0753
Date: 01-May-03

Report of the Board of Inquiry into the handling of claims of sexual abuse and misconduct within the Anglican Diocese of Adelaide (The Honourable Trevor Olsson and Dr Donna Chung, 26 May 2004) (known as the Board of Inquiry Report or the Olsson Report)

ID: ANG.0044.001.0068
Date: 26-May-04

Study of Reported Child Sexual Abuse in the Anglican Church by Professor Patrick Parkinson et al

ID: CEBS.0004.001.0020
Date: 01-May-09

Document entitled “Outline of the Structure of the Anglican Church of Australia”

ID: ANG.0017.001.0001
Date: 02-Jul-13

National Model Professional Standards Ordinance

ID: ANG.9310.01001.0303
Date: 30-Jun-05

Faithfulness in Service (Consolidated) 2016

ID: ANG.0374.001.0001
Date: 01-Feb-08

Special Tribunal Canon 2007 (as amended 2014)

ID: ANG.0134.023.0001
Date: 01-Nov-16

National Register Canon 2007 ? Canon No 15 2007 as Amended by Canon No 13 2010 Canon 09 2014

ID: ASQ.261.005.0182
Date: 01-Jan-14

Model System for Selection and Accreditation of Lay Parish Workers - Overview Document

ID: ANG.0050.003.0749
Date: 01-Jan-14

Sample List of Church Worker Ministry Positions

ID: ANG.0134.005.0001
Date: 06-Oct-06

Sample Ministry Position Template - Church Worker Positions

ID: ANG.0134.006.0001
Date: 01-Oct-06

Safe Ministry Check - Volunteer Church Workers

ID: ANG.0134.008.0001
Date: 01-Oct-06

Referee Check - Sample Questions - Volunteers

ID: ANG.0134.009.0001
Date: 01-Jan-13

Church Worker Positions - Selection Checklist for high risk ministry positions

ID: ANG.0134.010.0001
Date: 01-Oct-06

Safe Ministry Check - Ordination Candidates, Clergy and paid Church Worker positions - Applicant & Referee's Screening Questionnaire

ID: ANG.0134.007.0001
Date: 01-Oct-06

Guidelines for dioceses undertaking risk assessments relating to sexual abuse

ID: ANG.0134.013.0001
Date: 01-Jul-05

Safe Ministry Training Benchmarks

ID: ANG.0134.017.0001
Date: 23-Oct-11

Extract of 2A Report of the Child Protection Committee 'Making Our Church Safe: A Programme for Action' at 10. Ministry Support for Clergy

ID: ANG.0134.020.0058_E
Date: 25-Jun-04

Anglican Church Of Australia Professional Standards Commission - A Process For The Comprehensive Psychological Assessment Of Candidates For Ordination

ID: ANG.0134.018.0001
Date: 17-Nov-12

Guidelines for parish safety where there is a risk of sexual abuse by a person of concern

ID: ANG.0050.001.0003
Date: 11-Sep-09

Statement of Principles for the Sharing of Information between the Directors of Professional Standards

ID: STAT.1286.001.0076
Date: 01-May-16

Principles for a scheme which provides pastoral care and assistance to those who have been sexually abused by clergy or Church workers

ID: ANG.0134.014.0001
Date: 01-Oct-09

Private Confession - Pastoral Guidelines with Special Reference to Child Sexual Abuse

ID: ANG.0386.001.0001
Date: 01-Mar-11

A Comparison of Diocesan Protocols on Sexual Misconduct

ID: ANG.9310.01001.0008
Date: 10-Dec-98

Determination of the Appellate Tribunal of the Anglican Church of Australia, Appeal of Keith Francis Slater dated 19 January 2017

ID: ANG.0375.001.0001
Date: 19-Jan-17

Submission of the Royal Commission Working Group dated 13 January 2017

ID: SUBM.0052.001.0001
Date: 13-Jan-17

Appendix A - Sixteenth Session of General Synod 2014

ID: SUBM.0052.001.0010

Appendix B - General Synod Standing Committee Resolutions November 2013 - November 2016

ID: SUBM.0052.001.0017

Attachment 1 - Curriculim for Training of Members of Professional Standards Committees and Boards

ID: SUBM.0052.001.0039

Attachment 2 - Model Episcopal Standards Ordinance

ID: SUBM.0052.001.0043
Date: 23-Nov-14

Power and Trust in the Church: A Protocol under the Model Episcopal Standards Ordinance

ID: SUBM.0052.001.0086
Date: 23-Nov-14

Model Episcopal Standards Regulations

ID: SUBM.0052.001.0110
Date: 23-Nov-14

Attachment 3 - Reporting historical child sexual abuse to the Police: a resource for Dioceses

ID: SUBM.0052.001.0116
Date: 01-Nov-14

Attachment 4 - A Discussion Guide for "Faithfulness in Service - A Video Resource for Clergy and Church Workers"

ID: SUBM.0052.001.0117

Attachment 5 - Principles for the use of names of persons who perpetrated, or failed to take action in relation to, child sexual abuse

ID: SUBM.0052.001.0127

Attachment 6 - Recommendations of Amendments to Faithfulness in Service

ID: SUBM.0052.001.0128

Attachment 7 - Protocol for determining the responsibility of diocese for disciplining Church workers for misconduct

ID: SUBM.0052.001.0132
Date: 01-Nov-16

Attachment 8 - Protocol for access to and disclosure of information in the National Register

ID: SUBM.0052.001.0139

Submission of the Royal Commission Working Group of the General Synod of the Anglican Church to Best Practice Principles in Responding to Complaints of Child Sexual Abuse in Institutional Contexts

ID: WEB.0230.001.0001
Date: 01-Apr-16

Supplementary Submission of the Royal Commission Working Group dated 13 March 2017

ID: SUBM.0052.004.0001
Date: 13-Mar-17

Statement of Michael Warner Shand QC

ID: STAT.1326.001.0001
Date: 09-Mar-17

A - Extract from the Archbishop's Charge to the 2016 Melbourne Synod

ID: STAT.1326.001.0011
Date: 19-Oct-16

B - Second reading speech to Synod on the Professional Standards Uniform Act Adoption Bill 2016 (Melb)

ID: STAT.1326.001.0013
Date: 21-Oct-16

C - Summary and explanation of core standards attached to this statement

ID: STAT.1326.001.0023
Date: 01-Mar-17

D - Diagram setting out the structure of the Uniform scheme

ID: STAT.1326.001.0028
Date: 06-Mar-17

E - The Constitution of Kooyoora Ltd

ID: STAT.1326.001.0029
Date: 16-Dec-16

F - Proposed complaint protocol

ID: STAT.1326.001.0051
Date: 08-Feb-17

G - Proposed clearance for ministry protocol

ID: STAT.1326.001.0076
Date: 08-Feb-17

H - Proposed clearance for service protocol

ID: STAT.1326.001.0088
Date: 08-Feb-17

I - Terms of Reference fo Melbourne Anglican Redress Scheme approved 15 December 2016

ID: STAT.1326.001.0100
Date: 15-Dec-16

J - Summary of Scheme

ID: STAT.1326.001.0137
Date: 15-Dec-16

K - List of issues addressed by the Terms of Reference

ID: STAT.1326.001.0141
Date: 07-Mar-17

L - A brief description of the scheme corporation, Kooyoora Ltd and its redress role

ID: STAT.1326.001.0143
Date: 21-Jan-17

Statement of Professor Patrick PARKINSON AM

ID: STAT.1095.001.0001_R
Date: 25-Jul-16

Study of Reported Child Sexual Abuse in the Anglican Church - Final Report - March 2009

ID: ANG.9110.01001.0001
Date: 01-Mar-09

Letter from Professor Patrick Parkinson to Archbishop Phillip Aspinall

ID: USYD.9101.01003.0001
Date: 20-Mar-09

Letter from Archbishop Phillip Aspinall to Professor Parkinson

ID: USYD.9101.01003.0006
Date: 08-Apr-09

Letter from Primate Phillip Aspinall to Bishop Brian Farran

ID: ANG.0050.005.6717
Date: 24-Jun-09

Statement of Archbishop Phillip Aspinall

ID: STAT.0078.001.0001_R
Date: 13-Nov-13

Statement of Garth BLAKE SC

ID: STAT.1091.001.0001_R
Date: 18-Jul-16

Proceedings of the Sixteenth Session of General Synod

ID: ANG.0377.001.0001
Date: 30-Jun-14

Statement by the Anglican Diocese of Adelaide Concerning the Royal Commission Findings in Case Study 36

ID: ANG.0385.001.0001
Date: 16-Feb-17

Attachment 1 - Anglican Diocese of Adelaide - Overview of proceeses of discernment, screening and formation

ID: ANG.0385.001.0003
Date: 05-May-14

Attachment 1 (cont'd) - Discernment and Formation Diagram

ID: ANG.0385.001.0015
Date: 01-Oct-16

Attachment 2 - Reporting Framework for Discernment and Ministry Formation (Diocese of Adelaide)

ID: ANG.0385.001.0006
Date: 01-Dec-16

Letter of Understanding between the Diocese of Perth and ASC

ID: ANG.0380.001.0001
Date: 01-Dec-16

5d - Dispute and Complaint Resolution

ID: ANG.0379.002.0001
Date: 01-Aug-16

6j - Reporting Critical Incidents in ASC Schools in WA

ID: ANG.0379.002.0008
Date: 01-Aug-16

8a - Allegations of Misconduct against Employees in ASC Schools

ID: ANG.0379.002.0010
Date: 01-Aug-16

8b - Child Safe Policy (WA)

ID: ANG.0379.002.0018

8d - Mandatory Reporting Policy (WA)

ID: ANG.0379.002.0027

8e - Reporting of Abuse and Neglect Policy (WA)

ID: ANG.0379.002.0036

8f - Child Protection Policy - NSW

ID: ANG.0379.001.0124

8g - Mandatory Reporting of Children at Significant Harm Policy - NSW

ID: ANG.0379.001.0140

8h - Report of Allegations of Reportable Conduct Policies and Procedures - NSW

ID: ANG.0379.001.0155

8i - Child Safe Policy - Victoria

ID: ANG.0379.002.0046
Date: 01-Oct-16

8j - Mandatory reporting Policy - Victoria

ID: ANG.0379.002.0060
Date: 01-Oct-16

8k - Reporting of Abuse and Neglect Policy - Victoria

ID: ANG.0379.002.0072
Date: 01-Oct-16

Constitution and Rules of The Anglican Schools Commission Incorporated

ID: ANG.0379.001.0084

Theological Education - The Journey

ID: ANG.0389.001.0008

Is God Calling you? - The Pathway to Ordained Ministry

ID: ANG.0389.001.0009

Ministry Training and Formation for Assistance Curate in the Anglican Diocese of Melbourne

ID: ANG.0389.001.0048

52-0004 Day 261 Naomi Sharp N/A 20-Mar-17 1 show

Letter from Bishop Brian Farran to Archbishop Phillip Aspinall

ID: ANG.0401.001.0001
Date: 06-Jul-09

52-0006 Day 262 Naomi Sharp Professional Standards Panel 21-Mar-17 1 show

Anglican Church of Australia - Diocesan Professional Standards Legislation

ID: ANG.0403.001.0004

52-0007 Day 262 Naomi Sharp Professional Standards Panel 21-Mar-17 1 show

Episcopal Standards Canon of 2007

ID: ANG.0048.001.6714

52-0008 Day 262 Naomi Sharp Professional Standards Directors Panel 21-Mar-17 1 show

Episcopal Standards Legislation by Diocese

ID: ANG.0403.001.0001

52-0009 Day 262 Naomi Sharp Professional Standards Directors Panel 21-Mar-17 1 show

ACC-16 Lusaka - Intentional Discipleship in a World of Differences

ID: ANG.0404.001.0029
Date: 19-Apr-16

52-0010 Day 262 Naomi Sharp Professional Standards Panel 21-Mar-17 1 show

ACC-15 - the official networks of the Anglican Communion

ID: ANG.0404.001.0001
Date: 18-Jan-15

52-0011 Day 263 Gail Furness SC Various 22-Mar-17 1 show

Wayne Guthrie Protocol

ID: ANG.0405.001.0001
Date: 17-Mar-17

52-0012 Day 263 Gail Furness SC Various 22-Mar-17 1 show

The Doctrine Commission of the Anglican Church of Australia on confessions and confidentiality

ID: ANG.0406.001.0016

52-0013 Day 263 Gail Furness SC Various 22-Mar-17 1 show

The Doctrine Commission of the Anglican Church of Australia report to Standing Committee on confidentiality confessions

ID: ANG.0407.001.0020
Date: 01-Jan-13