Current issues papers open for submission

There are currently no issues papers open for submission.

The Royal Commission has created a number of ways for individuals and organisations to contribute to the work it is doing. This includes having a say online, submitting a written response to an issues paper or attending a roundtable.

Consultation papers

Criminal justice

The Royal Commission released Criminal Justice Issues: Consultation Paper on 5 September 2016. View submissions.

Records and recordkeeping practices

The Royal Commission released Records and recordkeeping practices: Consultation Paper on 2 September 2016. View submissions.

Out-of-home care

The Royal Commission released Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse in Out-of-home care: Consultation paper on 8 March 2016. View submissions.

Complaint handling and response

The Royal Commission released Best practice principles in responding to complaints of child sexual abuse in institutional contexts: Consultation paper on 21 March 2016. View submissions.

Redress and civil litigation

The Royal Commission released a consultation paper Redress and civil litigation: Consultation paper on 30 January 2015. View submissions.

Issues papers

The Royal Commission releases issues papers on topics related to its work. Organisations and individuals have the opportunity to provide written submissions in responses to issues papers.

Most submissions are published on this website and you can read past issues papers and the submissions made by organisations and individuals.

A person making a submission can request for it not to be published. If any material in a submission raises concerns about privacy or fairness, the Royal Commission may publish it with that material removed or decide not to publish it at all. Authors will be informed about such a decision. 

Write: GPO Box 5283, Sydney NSW 2001

Closed issues papers

Issues Paper 11, Catholic Church Final Hearing

Closing date: 1 July 2016 View public submissions

Issues Paper 10, Advocacy and Support and Therapeutic Treatment Services

Closing date: 30 November 2015 View public submissions

Issues paper 9, Risk of child sexual abuse in schools

Closing date: 31 August 2015 View public submissions

Issues paper 8, Experiences of police and prosecution responses

Personal submissions are currently being reviewed for privacy and procedural fairness concerns, and they are not being published at this stage.

Closing date: 31 July 2015 View public submissions

Issues paper 7, Statutory victims of crime compensation schemes

Closing date: 30 June 2014 View public submissions

Issues Paper 6, Redress Schemes

Closing date: 2 June 2014 View public submissions

Issues Paper 5, Civil Litigation

Closing date: 17 March 2014 View public submissions

Issues Paper 4, Preventing Sexual Abuse of Children in Out-of-Home Care

Closing date: 8 November 2013 View public submissions

Issues Paper 3, Child Safe Institutions

Closing date: 11 October 2013 View public submissions

Issues Paper 2, Towards Healing

Closing date: 4 September 2013 View public submissions

Issues Paper 1, Working with Children Check

Closing date: 12 August 2013 View public submissions