Creating child safe institutions

On Monday 1 May 2017, the Royal Commission hosted a research symposium to share the findings from three research reports commissioned and published by the Royal Commission on children and young people’s views of safety in institutions.
The symposium was opened by Commissioner Justice Coate and the following presenters discussed the research as below.

Key elements of child safe organisations

Dr kylie valentine

Social Policy Research Centre at University of New South Wales

Dr valentine discussed the findings from a project that adapted Delphi methodology and consulted with 46 independent experts through questionnaires on the key and sub-elements of a child safe organisation. 

Safe and sound: Exploring the safety of young people in residential care

Professor Morag McArthur 

Professor, Institute of Child Protection Studies, Australian Catholic University 


Dr Tim Moore

Senior Research Fellow, Institute of Child Protection Studies, Australian Catholic University 

Both presenters discussed what a Young People’s Reference Group and series of individual and small-group interviews with young people that lived in residential care perceived about what might prevent sexual abuse, what helps them feel safe, how well services have responded and what could be done to increase their safety in residential care.

Disability and child sexual abuse in institutional contexts

Professor Gwynnyth Llewellyn

Faculty of Health Sciences at University of Sydney

Professor Llewellyn explored research findings from the identification and analysis of peer-reviewed and grey literature that explores the historical, social and policy contexts surrounding children with a disability.