The Royal Commission is developing policy positions and recommendations using evidence not usually available to policy makers. 

Through public hearings, private sessions, research and consultation processes we have a unique insight into systemic failings of institutions and the impact of those failings on victims and survivors, their families and others. 

We able to compel the production of information held by governments and institutions, along with access to a tailored research program. Issues papers, consultation papers and public and private roundtables are an opportunity for individuals, organisations and governments to provide us with considered views about institutional failings and proposals for policy reform. 

‘Institution’ means any organisation, including children’s homes, religious organisations, missions and reserves, government agencies, schools, sports clubs, juvenile justice facilities and out-of-home care (foster, relative and kinship care).

Making institutions    
child safe

Making Institutions Child Safe

Advocacy, support and treatment

Advocacy, Support and Treatment



The needs of specific populations

The needs of specific populations



Criminal Justice

Criminal Justices