The Royal Commission’s work in prevention and treatment covers advocacy, support and treatment services, prevention and treatment of child to child sexual abuse and community prevention.

Advocacy, support and treatment services

The Royal Commission is examining advocacy and support services and therapeutic treatment services for victims, secondary victims and survivors of institutional child sexual abuse. We are examining both child and adult victims and survivors. In October 2015, we released Issues Paper 10- Advocacy and Support and Therapeutic Treatment Services.

The Royal Commission has heard many stories about the severe and lasting impact child sexual abuse has on the lives of victims, survivors and their families. We have also heard about the lack of quality support services as well as the difficulties victims and survivors face when they seek support and therapeutic treatment services.

The Royal Commission is seeking to understand what support and services victims and survivors need. In this context the Royal Commission is undertaking work to:

  • consider both the barriers that hinder and factors that help victims and survivors get what they need

  • understand the services already available to victims and survivors, including services that cater to diverse population groups

  • identify promising and innovative practices that are helping victims and survivors.