Implementation best practice: A rapid evidence assessment

Bianca Albers and Robyn Mildon

Parenting Research Centre

May 2016

ISBN 978-1-925289-63-3

Executive Summary

An earlier study commissioned by the Royal Commission examined the implementation of relevant recommendations arising from previous enquiries (Parenting Research Centre, 2014). The study found that particular factors either promoted or impeded the implementation of recommendations in government, systems and institutional contexts. To effectively implement practices, programs or policies, organisations must consider not only what changes to implement, but also how to implement them. Knowledge of the barriers to, and facilitators of, implementation can support this process.
This follow up study is a review of current evidence regarding best practice in implementation. It explores the following research questions:

  • What is best practice in implementation, including implementation planning, oversight, monitoring and evaluation?

  • What is known about the barriers to, and facilitators of, implementation? And how do these vary across different settings, including institutional settings?

  • How do best-practice approaches or models apply in the context of implementing reforms aimed at preventing institutional child sexual abuse and improving institutional responses to this type of abuse?