The Royal Commission is undertaking a comprehensive research program to support its work and address the Terms of Reference. There are currently a number of research projects underway and reports will be added to the website when published.

The Royal Commission’s research program includes:

  • descriptive research to provide necessary background information

  • primary research undertaken to fill crucial evidence gaps and

  • research that summarises evidence to explore what is known and what works.

View the Royal Commission’s published research.

Research Themes

Our research program is organised into eight themes:


Why does child sexual abuse occur in institutions?


How can child sexual abuse in institutions be prevented?



How can child sexual abuse be better identified?


Institutional responses

What is best practice for institutional responses where child sexual abuse has occurred?


Government Responses

What is best practice for government and statutory authorities responding to child sexual abuse?


Treatment & Support needs

What are the treatment and support needs of victims/survivors and their families?


Institutions of Interest

What is the history of particular institutions of interest?


Ensuring a positive impact

How do we ensure the Commission's work has a positive impact?


More information

The research program adapts and responds to the needs of the Royal Commission. If you would like further information about any of the research projects you can email us at