Webcast Questions and Answers

Q. How can I access the webcast?

A. Access to the webcast is provided via the “watch the hearing” button on the homepage of the Royal Commission website. You can access either an audio visual webcast stream or an audio-only stream via the two webcast players. The video player is activated 30 minutes prior to the commencement of the hearing; you will see a blue screen with the Royal Commission logo until the hearing starts. Access to the webcast ceases at the conclusion of the hearing day.

Q. The webcast is lagging behind the audio or buffering a lot. What do I do?

A. Playback of the webcast may be affected by your internet connection or the number of programs you are running on your device. Please close all programs that are not required whilst viewing the webcast. The webcast works best from newer model devices with high speed connections like 4G mobile data or ADSL2+.*


Check your internet connection. If you are accessing the webcast on a network that a lot of other people or software applications are also using, it can diminish playback performance.
If you are accessing the webcast using WIFI, please make sure that the signal is strong as it can be obstructed by things like doors or walls.
If you are running a number of programs on your device simultaneously, or have a lot of internet browsers open, it will affect playback quality.
If problems persist, you can try restarting your router, your computer or contacting your service provider for technical support.

Q. I hear dual/two audio signals?

A. Please ensure you have only the video or the audio function running. If both functions have been selected you will hear two audio streams.

Q. The audio is too faint. What do I do?

A. You can increase the volume via the control functions at the bottom right hand side of the webcast player, or via your volume control on your device.

Q. The webcast has dropped out. How can I continue to view the webcast?

A. In the event that your webcast drops out, reload you browser.

Q. The audio has dropped out but I can still see video. What is happening?

A. The webcast audio may be cut in accordance with a direction by the Chair of the Commission not to publish specific information mentioned in the course of the hearing. An example of this might be the protection of the identity of a witness inadvertently mentioned.
*Please note that viewing the webcast may incur data charges from your service provider. For information about possible charges, please contact your service provider.