If you have attended a private session, or provided a written account of your experiences, we invite you to send your own 'Message to Australia'.

My message to Australia

Message to Australia brochure

The ‘Message to Australia’ is an opportunity for the people who have bravely told their stories to the Royal Commission to send a short message to the Australian community about their experience and their hopes for creating a safer environment for children in the future.

At the end of the Royal Commission, these messages will be published in a book and kept at the National Library of Australia, where it will be available to members of the public and preserved for future generations.

You can participate by filling out the ‘Message to Australia’ slip included in the 'After sharing your story' brochure. You may have received this brochure already – simply tear out the slip inside, write your message and mail it back to us in the reply paid envelope. However, if you never received your brochure or have misplaced it, you can click here to order one or call the Royal Commission on 1800 099 340.

While not all of the messages will be included in the final 'Message to Australia' book – every message is important and we encourage you to share yours.

Please send your contribution to Message to Australia by 31 October 2017. We will not be able to consider contributions received after this date.

After sharing your story: Message to Australia
After sharing your story: Message to Australia
Format: A5 Brochure

Information on what to do after sharing your story with the Royal Commission, and sending your Message to Australia.

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