Private sessions allow survivors to share their stories in person with a Commissioner.

Due to the demand, the Royal Commission closed registrations for private sessions on 30 September 2016.

The private session

If you have been registered for a private session, a Royal Commission officer will contact you to arrange an appointment and provide you with information about what happens at a private session. Once your appointment has been made, you will receive a confirmation letter or email. You will then attend a private session where you will be able to discuss your circumstances with the Royal Commission.

At the end of the private session you can speak to a counsellor for support. One of our counsellors will follow up with you after the private session by phone, if you wish.

Due to high demand nationwide, the current wait time in some parts of Australia for a private session is 12 months. 

If you would like to check whether you are currently on the waiting list or have previously been unsure about speaking with the Royal Commission in a private session, please contact us on 1800 099 340 or via

Frequently asked questions

If you have been registered for a private session, here are some answers to frequently asked questions. Read more about the closure of private session registrations.