You can share your story with the Royal Commission in writing by sending a letter or email setting out your experience to the Royal Commission.

If your story is within our Terms of Reference, it will be provided to Commissioners.

There is a guide available to help you gather information when preparing to share your story with the Royal Commission.

Royal Commission staff can help you prepare it or you can get assistance from a support service or advocacy group. You can write down your story in any form you prefer, however the document below may help you.

To discuss how we may support you to share your story, contact the Royal Commission before 30 November 2017.

Download the information booklet

If you have shared your story in a written account or private session, we invite you to send a Message to Australia

How to Complete your written account using this guide

Download here

Guide to sharing your story with the Royal Commission
Guide to sharing your story with the Royal Commission

You can save this guide to your computer and either edit the document by typing directly into the fields provided, or by printing it and writing your story. Once you have finished you can either email or post it to us.

How to email or post it to us

To email:

  1. Scan the completed document and save it to your computer
  2. Attach it in an email and send to:


To post:

Send the printed document to GPO Box 5283 Sydney NSW 2001.
You may wish to take a photocopy of your statement before posting the original.

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