Listen to survivors' stories

More than 5000 people have shared their stories with the Royal Commission in a private session. Listen to an actor read a short version of some of those stories. All names and some geographical locations have been changed.

Content warning: some material is confronting and disturbing. If the stories cause you sadness or distress and you need help, please see support services here.

Registrations for private sessions closed on 30 September 2016. If you would like to share your story with the Royal Commission and have not already done so, you may share your story in writing.
If you don’t wish to, or are unable to provide a written account, you can contact the Royal Commission to discuss other ways we can help you to share your story.

Read survivors' stories

Click a person's name below to read a text version of their story.

For more stories, see Volume 2 of our Interim Report.

Click here for information about support services.

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